up happily and Zhang Luran took the stone with the shells on it. , flew to the land, To my mother, I rushed back and continued to explore. We walked step by step. The little ankles left countless double footprints in the water. Suddenly, on the road we traveled, we found a small hole, but fortunately. My eyes are good, otherwise, we will fall in. The hidden hole is really good. Under the impact of the current, whoever looks at the ground, the rapid water flow is enough for us to receive Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, Zhang Luran trembles. Said: "Let's go, don't touch this hole." And I am so daring that I want to reach in my hand anyway. I am happy to say, "Why are you doing it, it is more exciting, don't be so disappointed." I will The net is going to the next fishing. Who knows, we have fished out two shells. We are very happy. Zhang Luran finally overcome the inner fear and decided to go down. However, I don��t know if Zhang Luran��s luck is getting better. It��s three shells and two big fishes Marlboro Cigarettes. We��re another surprise. You have a net, I��m a net, we��re fishing, the shells in our hands are getting up again and again, Zhang Luran has caught a stone, I laughed. Said: "Ha ha, Zhang Lu Of course, you don��t have much fish and shells, but you have a lot of stones. "But when I laughed, Zhang Luran carefully inspected this stone. What we couldn't think of was that there was another big harvest. This stone is full of shells, because our little hands are limited, but only then. More, no more can not take it Marlboro Menthol 100S, we had to return, on the way back, I have a happy smile on the face of Lu Luran, but we feel that there are too few shells, decided to explore again with countless treasures Hole, we walked with our feet and hopes to explore. Ten minutes, twenty minutes, time passed by, but no matter how many circles we circled, we still couldn��t find the hole. When we were in a hurry Zhang Luran suddenly made a move and squatted on the floor and said, "On such a hot day, let's not find the hole, sweat out, squat in the water, take a cold shower. "When I heard it, I stumbled into the water and took a cold shower. When I climbed into the water, a word "cool" cold water flowed from my head to my feet. The water seemed to be rushing. We washed away the same, after a while, we stood up and prepared to face the mother's quarrel, "Hey! Definitely it should be noisy by my mother. "I helplessly said that Zhang Luran also said helplessly: "Hey! Our clothes are not only very wet, but also very dirty, all of them are mud, and the mother doesn't blame it. "We walked forward with heavy steps. Every step, it means that we are closer to our mother's cockroaches." It��s terrible, I don��t want to go over, but the longer I stay in the water, the dirtier the clothes will become, and the more my mother will train. "When we walked to the side of my mother, my mother didn't have much training for us, but let us take off our clothes, only a pair of pants, our faces are red, but in order to play better, we have to take off When Zhang Luran took off, there were several small holes in the trousers. I couldn��t help but laugh. We played in the water, you splashed me, I poured you, there were very few people passing by, but we can see the two of us. It is 100%. When we are tired, we go to find a mother. When we come, we are bright Cheap Cigarettes, the underground is an endless grass Cigarette Online, like a green carpet, and what we like is that the food on the carpet has bread. , French fries, fruit, etc., only we can't think of it, there is no food we can't eat, and soon, Dad is holding a bunch of fish caught, and we have a delicious lunch together.