How will the top executives of a large distributor feel if, after an investment of more than $ 100 million dollars for a film, the previous reactions of the public were not entirely positive, and worse, the director refused to modify the cut final?
It seems that is happening right now between Paramount Pictures and Darren Aronofsky, and the object of discussion is Noah, the biblical drama based on the life of Noah, the construction of the ark and the survival of him, his family and hundreds of animals through of a global flood.

According to THR reports, Paramount wants to make changes in the final cut of the film, after some previous public projections of different beliefs did not have a fully positive reception. No reasons are given and the principal's representatives refuse to testify, but it is said that the story took too many liberties with respect to the biblical record.

"Darren is not made for film studios," said a talent representative linked to the project. "He is very dismissive. He does not care about Paramount's opinion. "

The $ 125 MDD has been invested mainly in visual effects mainly related to the great flood, but also in the creation of real animals (and apparently some imaginary ones) in CG, since no live animals were used in this production.

However, the vice president of Paramount, Rob Moore confident that things are resolved by mutual agreement, because although Arronofsky "wants a certain level of independence, also wants a successful movie."